The deadline for receiving Concept Applications for 2021 projects has now passed.
Proposals submitted using this form will now be considered next year for funding 2022.

The objective of the Foundation is to fund projects which address social, cultural, economic, education and health needs within communities where our staff and farmers live and work.

Projects can include (but are not limited to) providing educational resources and equipment, establishing sports and recreational facilities, upgrading structures to improve health and sanitation, carrying out training to support skills development and adult learning, or enabling the delivery of clean energy.

Project proposals are submitted to our Foundation Committee using the Concept Application Form (see reverse). Once proposals have been received, the Committee will meet to review the submissions and agree a shortlist based on how far the project meets the objectives of the Foundation, its affordability, urgency and level of impact.

If a project is shortlisted, applicants will be informed and required to complete a full Application Form which should include more detailed information on the project. A final decision on funding will be made by the Foundation Board based on information provided in this form. The application process follows the schedule below:

  • March 31st: Deadline for sending in Concept Applications
  • April: Concept Applications are reviewed and shortlisted
  • May-July: Shortlisted applicants are invited to work with the Foundation to develop Full Project Applications.
  • July 31st: Deadline for sending in Full Project Applications
  • August -September: Project applications are reviewed and applicants invited to provide further information where required
  • September 30th: Final Project Applications are submitted to the Foundation Board for review
  • December: Final decision made by the Foundation Board

To apply for a project for your community, please fill in the form below.

Describe what will the funds be used for
Describe why this project is needed and how it will help address those needs
Describe the people and groups who will benefit and the approximate number of people who will benefit
Please provide any additional information to support your proposal
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