Innovation Challenge (Undergraduate Level)

The Blue Skies Innovation Challenge (also known as the FBL Challenge)was devised by Blue Skies in partnership with the University of Northampton. The initiative challenges students to come up with innovative products and solutions that are designed to address a series of future scenarios put forward by Blue Skies. The scenarios include predictions on social, environmental, political, economic and technological changes that could affect the world in 2025.

In a rapidly changing, globalised world, Blue Skies needs to always be alert to situations that can affect us including political instability, climate change, consumer behaviour and government legislation. The Blue Skies Innovation Challenge encourages students to help us find the solutions that will enable us to thrive in the future, whilst providing them with a real-world experience that will help them in their future careers.

Ideas can be developed in groups and then pitched to a panel of judges who can score the pitches based on a range of criteria. Judges can include teachers and representatives from local businesses. If you would like Blue Skies to be involved in judging your competition, please get in touch.

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